What are the collections for?

Playing Super Bingo HD, you can obtain collection items. They will be randomly added to your account. Each room has 12 collection objects.  Collections are items, which you can win, buy or receive from your friends during the game. Completed collection increases the amount of your Daily Bonus. The more collections you have, the higher is your Daily Bonus. In some special rooms collections don't increase your Daily points, completed collection set can be exchanged with Free Credits. 

The player can get collection item, getting Bingo on the card with collection stamp. 

6.pngSome of the collection items you can buy with Coins, others you can get only playing Bingo. The frequency of the collection item appearance depends on the room in which you are playing. For example, at the first and second rooms you have a chance to get the collection item each forth purchased card, at the third and fourth rooms - each fifth card, at the twelfth room - each tenth card

The same collection items can be obtained several times. 

Completed collection set will give you extra Daily Credits or one-time payout of Credits(depends on the room)

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