How can I claim Bingo after only 2 or 3 daubs?

Players can claim the Bingo at the beginning of the game using Boosters.

Here is how that type of scenario would happen:

  •  Player buys 4 cards;
  •  The game starts and the first number is called and the player is able to daub at least 3 squares with the right number.
  •  3  marks charge the Booster Meter. If you’re the lucky one, you can receive  "Instant Bingo" booster
  •  Player applies instant win power up to the card. Basically, this power-up marks one number on each card that, if called, gives the player an immediate bingo.
  •  If ball #2 or 3 matches one of the numbers that the instant daubed, then the player can claim bingo.

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